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Join our director for an hour of discussion the last Tuesday of every month from 6-7pm! 

Join us every Friday at 11am for reading, writing, singing, talking, and playing!

Join us every Tuesday at 3pm for a fun activity for kids ages 5-12! Each week we will do something different.

Interlibrary Loan

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This system allows our patrons to place holds and receive materials from libraries that ar

Hungry? We've got you covered

Discover the culinary treasures waiting for you at your library! Our extensive cookbook collection is a home cook's dream, offering everything from classic comfort foods to exotic international dishes. Whether you're looking to perfect a family favorite or experiment with a new cuisine, we have the perfect cookbook to inspire your next culinary adventure.

With our digital titles, you can easily access our diverse range of cookbooks anytime, anywhere. From time-tested recipes to innovative new techniques, our collection is designed to help you expand your culinary skills and bring fresh, exciting flavors to your kitchen.
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Tomatoes, parsley and mushrooms on a wooden table

Inclement Weather Policy

If Huron County is at a Level 2 or above the library will delay opening until 12:00pm.

If Huron County remains at a Level 2 or above at 12:00pm the library will close for the day.

If a Level 2 occurs during normal operating hours, the library will close for the rest of the day.

Our website will display a red banner along the top of the page with updates to keep all informed. 



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